Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Take it as it comes

"Take it as it comes"

We might hear this quote so many times. For all of us it is one of so many inspiring quotes. When in day-to-day life; we face lot of obstacles and feel not so confident about coming events or problems in the life, it lifts one's self-confidence. 

“Take it as it comes” gives immense confidence to us and asks us to drop all worries surrounding that event or problem. Forget what may come or what may not come, and let us see what comes our way. But we never try to see what it actually does! It takes your mind from future to present moment and so fear of future to freedom of present. Have we ever thought of present moment? What is present moment?

Present moment is this, this, this, this….. It is passing by and very close to you but still far from you because of perception -“mithya” created by your own mind. We never stay in this moment for continues period. It is so close to you that you never realize. It is very basic mind game, it longs and desires for something and everything, which is not with you and always takes you away from present. It asks you to run after something and so you always forget your “SELF”.

Sometimes it takes you to sorrow, guilt feeling from past or other time it takes you to worries and fear of future. Present is always neglected. Whereas present is so much powerful, it gives you all positive and takes away guilt, sorrow, fear, lust and what not. It makes you immensely strong. In present you are free from all worries. You are not servant of your mind. In fact there is no mind! And that is ultimate pleasure and truth. 

Sri Sri Ravishankar says, “Live in present moment!” It means you realize your “SELF”. It is not possible for anyone to start living in present for continues period. It needs a practice of meditation and it is indeed possible and many have done it and many are doing it.

Close your eyes everyday for few minutes and take few deep breaths and observe your mind. There are some online meditations available. You can follow below guided meditation. 

So let's start living in present and "Take it as it comes"!
Happy Living! :)

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