Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hmmm... After reading the title "Valia...", many of you must be thinking, what's this "Valia"? Perhaps you may get thought of the famous robber "Valio Lutaro", who later turned to sage Valmiki and wrote a great hindu scripture "The Ramayan", but it's nothing to do with that.
So, first of all let me introduce "Valia"; "It is a small town, actually taluka(part of district) of district Bharuch in south part of one of the most developing state of the India; Gujarat. It is just a village like other lacs of villages of India.
But why I am writing blog on particular this village? Because this is the village, where one of the WORST engineering college (infrastructure wise, or education wise or take any other parameter on which you can rate any college!) "Valia Institute of Technology"(VIT), where I and many like me (who could not get admission in other good engineering colleges of Gujarat! ;-) ) became engineers, better I use the word "WARRIOR" instead of engineer. After reading this, all "Valians" must be laughing. But you know what, I believe whatever I learned in Valia, I would not learn any best college of Gujarat ever. The word "Valian", I am using because I really believe that who passed out of valia, can study and pass in any damn best college in the world! Perhaps, you must be thinking, "kuch jyada bol diya maine!". No, I really believe that. In any good college, you get good  education, good infrastructure, good mentors, good environment to study and you may become scholars, what's big deal in that? But here each valian studies by their own, keep some of rare good lecturer beside, and here it is not end. The most important part is, VIT belongs to the "Veer Narmad South Gujarat University"(SGU), where if you pass without getting any ATKT, you are the ranker! :-)
I still remember my 3rd semester's result, as I was DtoD student, it was my first exam result in SGU, I got four ATKTs! That was first time, I tried to know full form of ATKT(Allow To Keep Term)! But you know what, still I was smiling and not that much ashamed of myself as there were many carrying six and even seven ATKTs out of just six subjects (six theory + one practical = 7)!!!!! "Hai na kamaal"... Now you must got a clear vision why I use the word warrior! :-)

Keep studies apart, there was nothing like college management, and there was no support what so ever by college management to organize any damn curricular activities! The "Valians", who take initiative to organize annual function or cricket tournament or days or navaratri garba, to make college life colorful and interesting. Here we learned, how to get things done without any real support!
I had never traveled in the Jeep before, hanging with other 12 people and 17 other seating in the same jeep! lolzzz... I learned to adjust with smile on face with the situation and people when you do not have many options!

Perhaps, we would never learn such things if we could get into good college where college bus service is available. So I love Valia because it gave me opportunity to learn a lot and lot many things which I could never learn by staying in my comfort zone. Valia really stretched my limits, got me out of my comfort zone and gave me confidence and strength to fight against all bad things. Most of valians must be thinking like, valia has just spoiled their lives. I am not sure about that. But there must be many many valians must be cheering that part of life as a golden part!

Valia was the best part of my life. What a life it was!
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