Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Amdavad!

We all love our home town. The place where we are born and brought up, where we passed our precious childhood playing in the streets, where we stepped in to real world of challenges, obstacles, success, and failure from our imaginary dreamy world of thoughts. I too love my lovely home town and that's my pride possession Amdavad (Ahmedabad)! The metro city and one of the biggest city of India. Amdavad is in the Gujarati language.

Whenever I think of Amdavad, one word comes to mind is "Aho!". Aho in sanskrit means "How wonderful this is!" Aho is expression of amazement and satisfaction.

I'll take you through small historical information of Amdavad. It was founded in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah. "Jab kutte pe sassa aya, tab badshah ne shaher basaya!" This is how we know Amdavad. This city is basically divided, by the river Sabarmati, in to two parts Navu(New) and Junu(Old) Amdavad. Old Amdavad is famous for its heritage architectural history like Sidi Saiyad ni Jali, Julta Minara, Tran Darwaja, Jama Masjid(Mosque) etc. and New Amdavad is famous for its modern multiplexes, shopping malls and parks. 

There are some top ranked educational institutes like IIM, CEPT, NID, MICA, Nirma University situated in Amdavad.
Why I love most Amdavad is because of incomparable mouth-watering taste and variety of vegetarian food. I would say, it is heaven for vegetarian people. Honest's Pavbhaji, Vijay's vadapav, Karnavati's dabeli, Charbhuja's sandwich and Sankalpa's dosa and panipuri on every cross road! Yummy Yummmm! What else you want man! How can I forget Khadiya na Bhajiya and Das's Khaman! Here sitting in Kerala - 'God's own country', this is what I am missing badly my foodie Amdavad. If you go out on weekends, all Amdavadis will be out to enjoy and eat all kinda foods. You would get "houseful" board outside every restaurant. We amdavadi may found talking about hygiene at home but when we go to any cross road, surely we eat that Bhaiya's PaniPuri with extra masala in it! :-) 

Amdavadis enjoy each and every festivals with full enthusiasm, specially it's famous for Uttrayan. Whole Amdavad stays on terrace for two days 14th and 15th January, and we are really crazy for Uttrayan. Diwali time all gujjus prepare hundreds types of snacks and sweets at home and exchange with each other with love.

Another thing I've never seen in any other city, I have been, is that, Amdavad is really safe in terms of roaming at nights. You'll easily find an alone lady roaming at night 11 or 12 in Amdavad. Nowhere else it is possible.  Really Amdavad has its own style! After staying out of Amdavad for long time, just thought of Amdavad is enough to turn me on!

Amdavad has been passed through tremendous changes through out the time span. Wherever you go in the world, you never get that "Aho" except Amdavad.

Love you Amdavad and now in the land of Rice - Kerala, miss you most!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Political Party with just Human Values!

Politics, very heavy word!

But, some simple questions to all of us about politics!
Is politics a bad thing?
Is politics all about corruption?
Is politics for bad people only?
Is politics just about great power?
Is politics just to earn illegal money?

Hmmm... all negative questions for "Politics"! 
How this negative image been developed in our mind about politics? Because, that is what we see all the time in politics! 

Politics actually made up of Parties and their workers. So can't any political party be 100% corruption free? or can't any party really be secular and give equal importance to all religion and all people of the nation? or can any politician provide service to nation without any selfishness?
All these heavy questions attacked my small mind! Obviously my mind needs some answer...
So what can be done to remove this garbage from politics and to come up with "pure" politics and I came to this thought...

"Political party with human values and politicians with humanity!"

The party and the politicians, who does not work to fill their pockets with people's money or does not try to make side of any religion. It just works with human values and thinks with humanity. That's it!
 If politician thinks with humanity, surely he/she can lead the country to heights of success by all means.

Hope my imaginative thoughts take their wings and come in to reality soon!