Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vote India!

Sometimes "Why" is the only question arise in my mind for everything I watch and hear. I love my country. I have passion for my country. Like me there may lot many others who have passion for my country, their country - India. I want to help my country to grow with prosperity and peace. I want my countrymen to grow with happiness and wealth, but then everyday my mind asks WHY?
Why is my country suffering from so many diseases after 66 years of Independence?
Why so many of my countrymen sleep in hunger everyday?
Why have politicians become so corrupt?
Why can't I see a drop of patriotism in any politician?
Why politicians and their relatives become richer my thousand times in no time and still so many people follow them?
Why can't a politician see a pain of a poor Indian and they keep robbing us?

and then if I look at the answers, this is what I get...
Why doesn't my countrymen VOTE - basic and most important factor for any healthy democracy?
Why has my countrymen become so selfish that he/she can't even put a tiny effort for their country?
Why can't I see a drop of patriotism in most of us?

The disease lies within a common man of this country and thus within their rulers and not vice versa. We are the pillars of this country. Stronger we become and stronger the nation would be. We have to become responsible enough to make these rulers to understand that, we are not blind. We have to take a very tiny effort to VOTE. This is a must act for each and every countryman to make their mother land stronger and make our politicians responsible.

Let us make a small promise to make our country stronger, let us take a pledge to vote for coming election. Most of us have not voted so far and we are witnessing the result. This time let us VOTE and motivate others also to vote and see the difference.

If you are not registered voter with the Election Commission, following link would make your work very easy to register as a voter.


P.S. - For any help in regard to register as a voter, I'll be very happy to help. Please drop me a mail on or with subject line as "Vote Help". I'll get back to you as soon as possible.