Friday, October 11, 2013

The lost shine of Hinduism

"The ignorant are fanatically religious and the intelligent are fashionably atheist. The wise are obviously spiritual" - Sri Sri Ravishankar

How true is this statement! Today prejudice prevails towards the Hinduism, spiritual gurus, pundits, ancient rituals. Particularly this is the case with the youth of India. Today's youth don't think twice before blaming whole religion and all the Gurus or even God for all wrongdoing prevails in the religion and they also feel that they are intelligent in doing so, whereas most elders actually believe each and everything in the name of God.

I am not denying that there are fake pundits and gurus exist in India. I am just saying because of few fake people in religion, you cannot blame that religion itself is fake or each and everything in Hinduism is fake and stop practicing invaluable vast knowledge it has given to the world! 

There is lot of wrong things happening all over the world. We don't blame whole world for that. We don't blame our Muslim friend because of thousands of terrorists who practice Islam around the world. Then how come that logic does not apply here? If you visit some fake doctor and he/she gives you wrong medication. Once you come to know about the truth, will you blame medical industry or the fake doctor? I know you have very clear answer in your mind. It is the doctor who is to be blamed. When it comes to spiritual guru, people are so casual to say for each and every spiritual guru that, "Abhi iski bi bari ayegi". 

It is not only fake pundits are to be blamed for this mess up. Human mind sees what people around us wants it to see. We perceived the "concept" which actually does not exist. Now the "concept" here is, "Hinduism is bunch of superstitions and meaningless rituals and thus all spiritual gurus or pundits are thieves and fake!” There is a definite role of TV media in changing people's way of looking at something. Is it the fact that all Hindu gurus have done all wrong? The answer is NO; they have done much more good for the society then what is being projected by media. All flashy and insensitive news about wrong doings of some random fake gurus are all over the news. The prime time coverage media gives to spread negative things is nowhere in comparison to positive news. Doesn't it affect the mentality of viewers and the society? Doesn't it change your way of looking at the religion or Guru? If this is media's responsibility which spreads only negative impression, whose responsibility is to spread positive? I am sure media is not going to take much interest in something which is good. I read somewhere, "Don't be a football of other's opinion!". It is very much relevant here. One has to experience by himself/herself before coming to any decision. It doesn't take too long to decide using your intellect. This negative atmosphere has completely taken away bright shine of Hinduism and its practices. Today it takes long time to make people understand that meditation/yoga/spiritual knowledge is necessary in today's hectic world. To live life happier way, we have to give some respect and place to this practices in our life.

In ancient times, the King use to include spiritual gurus in their cabinet and every child use to get spiritual education and everyone use to practice mediation, yoga. Basically everyone use to spend a small time from their daily routine for "Dharma". We need to bring back right balance in the life. Today we are living in the world where almost every minute, some serious crime is taking place. We definitely need this to be controlled by strict laws, but simultaneously we need to think and work on, how can we make people more sensitive and aware, to avoid them from indulging in heinous crime? There is no other way but to make people practice Dharma in routine life. We have to establish the lost paradigm of Hinduism, the respect towards the gurus, the real essence of Hinduism. 

We need to stop this cheap movement of shaming and defaming India's one of the greatest gift to mankind - The Hinduism. It is just way of living life and not only religion.