Sunday, December 11, 2011

Missing India

10th December 2011
10:46 PM 

Currently I am in Staines, UK staying with three Bengali friends. I am here from last three months for my work. This blog is all about how did I find this place so far.

Staines, beautiful small town in south west of London, situated at the bank of the river Thames, colored with English culture. The first word come to my mind about Staines is small but beautiful!

London, what should I say about this city! This city is one of the most famous, and historical places in the world. You will find all kind of people here from all different parts of the world (Asian, African, European, American… ), Belonging to different religions of the world (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jews, Buddhist and many others). This city has huge network of Tube (local train like our Metro rail in Delhi J).

When I was told that, I am going to UK for six months. I had mix feeling for leaving home and my country India but got a chance to see other parts of the world. Little sad, little excited!

Finally I arrived here at World's busiest airports by international passenger traffic Heathrow, London on 22nd February 2011.

During my UK stay, I saw places here and I missed India like anything. I never imagined myself longing for India like this! That freedom, that oneness, those people, that “MY” feeling. I am missing INDIA badly. L

Today India has almost everything what other developed countries have. Yeah we may have some broken roads and may have more numbers of poor people and may be far behind in terms of cleanliness. But we are far ahead in one aspect that is Corruption! ;) But then what we got?

We got really good infrastructure (now, yeah after 64 years of independence, but we got it, and yeah definitely we need improvements!), best educational institutes, better and cheap medical facilities, best businessmen in the world, good transportation facilities (I do not expect AC trains or bullet train all over the country!), good communication facilities, one of the biggest cinema industry in the world and many more...

But what other countries don’t have is, our rich culture, our rich past, our education (yeah, I believe that we have better educational system, just one thing we need to improve is that we need to ease the pressure on the students.), our cheerful youth, and our spirituality (I am not talking about any religion, I am talking about meaning behind every religion, Spirituality). I saw a huge difference in terms of youth here and in India. Our youth is far more responsible and more progressive. 

Anyway we are still progressing and with that we also need to stick to our culture...

I am just missing India! L

Meaning of life

20th November 2011. This was my regular weekend like every other weekend so far during my UK stay. I was travelling back to my home in Staines by crowded tube. I have my best buddies staying in London, and I visit them almost every weekend. As usual I was listening Hindi songs from my favorite collection, and reading one of the best spiritual scripture on the earth, “Yoga Vasistha”. I have been reading this book from long and trying to complete this book from long time too :). But somehow I could not complete it so far.

Then what was different this time from every weekend? While reading the book, for the first time, my mind questioned me one thing. That question was, “What is the meaning of my life?” and the second question was, “What do I actually want to achieve at the end of this life span?”

Why am I in this frame of family, friends, relatives, work, religion, and country? I am in search of the answers, and so I do not want to forget these questions till I get my answers…

I believe, everyone should ask these questions to himself or herself, do not consider your desires for the answers and then search the meaning of your life? Set the at least one life time goal, and move towards that direction.

I thought a lot on whether should I publish this blog or shall I search and if, I really find this question meaningful, then only I shall post it. But finally I decided to post to just share my thought. Who knows, someone of you might find this meaningful and get your goal of life and start searching answers!

It will definitely be interesting, deep and really meaningful!
So here I move in search of answers and may be to find "Meaning Of Life"!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Steve Jobs... R.I.P.
(February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011)

For the first time iFeel strange and sad for any public figure's death... It's been 4 days now, but still when iLook at apple, my mind says that world is surely going to miss this Legend...


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sad and Angry!

13th July, 2011. Yet another serial bomb blasts, killing 18 and injuring more than 100 innocent Indians

Yet again it happened in our beautiful, peace loving country. Just not finding a single word for the people and their families who suffered. Feeling sad and at some moments helpless... but surely very much angry on PM Mr. Manmohan Singh and I am not able to understand that why is he still in this post????? He can't control corruption. He can't control terrorism. He can't control inflation. He can't even control his selected ministers and blame other allies. He is so helpless, he is so weak, he is so spineless, he is not at all "A Leader", he is just a simple human being like other Indians, and who is not a leader, have no rights to be in position of PRIME MINISTER! It is shame on him and Sonia and Congress! He himself should leave the post now... why people suffer because of your weakness mr PM?!?!

And moreover if this is less, today Mr. Rahul declares, "We prevented 99% attacks!" 
Is this time to say this?!?! Does he understand sensitivity of the issue?!?! Such an irresponsible statement. He just cares about not loosing some votes by taking credit of so called 99% prevented attacks. 

I am so sad and angry!

My prayers for peace and love all around.