Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meaning of life

20th November 2011. This was my regular weekend like every other weekend so far during my UK stay. I was travelling back to my home in Staines by crowded tube. I have my best buddies staying in London, and I visit them almost every weekend. As usual I was listening Hindi songs from my favorite collection, and reading one of the best spiritual scripture on the earth, “Yoga Vasistha”. I have been reading this book from long and trying to complete this book from long time too :). But somehow I could not complete it so far.

Then what was different this time from every weekend? While reading the book, for the first time, my mind questioned me one thing. That question was, “What is the meaning of my life?” and the second question was, “What do I actually want to achieve at the end of this life span?”

Why am I in this frame of family, friends, relatives, work, religion, and country? I am in search of the answers, and so I do not want to forget these questions till I get my answers…

I believe, everyone should ask these questions to himself or herself, do not consider your desires for the answers and then search the meaning of your life? Set the at least one life time goal, and move towards that direction.

I thought a lot on whether should I publish this blog or shall I search and if, I really find this question meaningful, then only I shall post it. But finally I decided to post to just share my thought. Who knows, someone of you might find this meaningful and get your goal of life and start searching answers!

It will definitely be interesting, deep and really meaningful!
So here I move in search of answers and may be to find "Meaning Of Life"!
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