Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We The Liberals!

We'll preach morality to everyone on prime time, newspaper, blogs, twitter but we'll never take stand against terrorists when military men are attacked and killed in terrorist attack! Rather we'll try to save him till midnight before his death sentence...

We'll advocate "Freedom of Speech" in name of "Bharat tere tukde hoge" but we'll call others bigot if they ask Pakistani actors to take stand against terrorism!

We'll label whole Indian society as intolerant but we'll never respect but always abuse Indian culture!

We'll advocate disgusting abuse to Goddess Durga as alternate reading but we'll not support Holy Quran criticizer being jailed! 

We'll defend headmaster's terrorist son but we'll not utter a single word for numerous BJP/RSS workers being killed in Kerala or Tamilnadu!

We'll support stone pelters but we'll object Military's action for defending themselves!

We'll call Karwa Chauth most regressive but we'll not utter a word against triple talaq!

We'll ask proofs from military for surgical strikes but we'll accept Pakistan government's report wholeheartedly! 

We'll brand Virendra Sehwag and Randeep Hooda 'Twitter troll' for speaking up their point of view but we'll not utter a single word for death threat given to Shilpi Tewari just because she is a BJP supporter!

We'll play victim card for online threats to Gurmehar but not utter a single word for the molestation victim Diksha Verma!

Yes WE are proud Indian Hypocrites oops sorry Liberals!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Feel blessed to be born on this land of Gurus
Feel blesses to be born on this land of 1000s of cultures
Feel blesses to be born on this land of ancient history 
Feel blessed to be born on this land of brave men and women 
Feel blessed to be born on this land where every single thing is deity

Feel blessed to live with other 125 crores fellow countrymen 
Feel blessed to live with most adverse and free democracy 
Feel blessed to live with harmony among chaos 
Feel blessed to live with most number of different religions on planet earth
Feel blessed to live with 1000s of languages 

Feel blessed that you'll take your last breath on this very land where Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak, Rama lived once! 

वन्दे मातरम्।

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Era of Provocation

Since 26th May 2014, something has changed in India which has triggered "The Era of Provocation". 

Every other intellectual, liberal, secular wants to be revolutionary and poke in eye of Hindus - silent majority of India. The only motive behind this (as I see) is to instigate some of aggressive, sensitive and stupid Hindus, use them and their reactions to brand whole majority as violent and communal. And to their surprise they have failed miserably in their plans. 2 years and you see most of Indian media is talking about how intolerant as society we are and how backward thinking we are! They talk about "Freedom Of Expression" and "alternate reading" but they can't even hear Indian spiritual leader's criticism on selection process of one of the most prestigious award on earth. They twists actual story and present against public to gain sympathy for small girl and anger for spiritual leader. And few celebrities who doesn't have iota of information on what this one small man from middle class tamil family has achieved in his 40 years of career. They can't even think or dream about his achievements. And mind here, these are not the achievements for his profit but for the people around us. 

But I am "funny bones", I am celebrity, I have over 1 million followers, I don't give damn about being disrespectful to one of the most hardworking selfless person on this earth!!! 

Where has our sensitivity gone? Why can't We be more responsible when uttering rubbish without iota of information! Or it has just come down to the level where only TRP matters? 
You are the chosen ones from population of 1.25 billion. You have millions looking at you as idol. You are all in for small girl who is brave and stands up for her principles but you don't even care to learn what one of your very own countryman has done for your country and world? 

This is utter disgraceful. I feel hurt and shocked that someone can be so irresponsible. We as a society will fail when we would blindly follow so called intelligent and would not respect and acknowledge great saint of our lifetime. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I am Intolerant!

Recently so-called liberals in India have been witnessing the rise of so-called intolerance and thus making lot of intolerant comments about my humble tolerant nation India. :)

If we notice the people who are making statements for rising intolerance, one or other way they have been supporting Sonia Gandhi led Congress and their friend parties like RJD, SP, TMC, AAP, DMK, CPI, CPM or they have been opposing Narendra Modi from past decade. (Source: IndianExpress)

Letter signed by political leaders to deny US Visa for Narendra Modi
The question lies whether the definition of tolerance has been changed recently in their dictionary or these people have motives to portray India in bad image. The only reason for later point is because India is being led proudly by Narendra Modi whom they have been opposing from many years now. Not only that but they have failed miserably in doing so. People of India upfront rejected their claims and chose Modi as their leader in 2014 Loksabha Election. From past 16 months after Modi took over the office, opposition or their supporters have not got any substantial issue with his Government but opposition's job is to oppose. Unfortunately, they took approach of portraying India in bad image indirectly because of the ruling government. In doing so, they are not labeling only India but the citizen of this great nation as intolerant. It is obvious that they have fundamental issue with changing Indian mindset which is, people of India are started taking proud of vast and rich history of their religion and culture, who do not ridicule their religion or culture just because few wrong people. Yes, that is really shameful and intolerable in real sense. However the people of India is tolerating their absurd nonsense.
They know very well that there is no fact to back this claim so make so much noise for creating atmosphere of intolerance. Any novice person will understand their strategy or should it be called propaganda. First they claimed about attacks on Christians by protesting against Delhi church attacks which was eventually proven wrong(Source: Rediff). Then they claimed nun rape in West Bengal and all the opposition leaders claimed it was done by right wing activists without any proof whatsoever. Eventually accused were caught and turned out to be some Bangladeshi intruders(Source: Dailymail) Then recently there happened Dadri incident. Even in that key witness is being completely ignored by U.P. police.(Source: The Quint). Apart from these, there have been communal incidents occurring but when in history of independent India these incidents didn't happen?

Another interesting point to be noted when a person like me raises a concern over false intolerance claim, they are labelled with names like 'Bhakts', Right Winger, 'Sanghis', Extremist etc. and being ridiculed for views expressed. That isn't a freedom of expression for them. If that is intolerance for them I am glad that I am intolerant! 

Aren't they hurting sentiments of crores of Indian citizen by calling names? The concerns being raise by people like me is result of appeasement politics by Congress and other parties and well backed by some elite media people but how long will you ridicule the section of people? Just to justify your hate towards one man who is Prime Minister now, you are trying to suppress so many voices.

Today I am hurt and shocked to witness such false atmosphere being created by few who hates a man for being proud Hindu nationalist!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Face... Embrace... Accept...

Life is chain of events!
Some pleasant and some unpleasant... We happily accepts pleasant ones but always try to avoid unpleasant ones. We need to realise that we are just an actor through all the events. Each moment will pass and emotions attached to those moments will also pass. What stays untouched is self. Try to watch the moments passing by each event. More you try to avoid, more you drown into it. 

Face it, embrace it, accept it!
Don't try to run away or defend yourself. Just watch yourself and let the events unfold in front of you. 


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Watch yourself!

Have you ever watched yourself? 
Not in those recorded videos of course... but really have you watched your thoughts? 
Or have you even watched your actions or reactions?
Sometimes yes, may be! 
But when? 
When you complete that action(most of the time its reaction)!

How many times you must have fought with your siblings or parents or friends or any random person!

How many times you must have felt angry, sad, guilty, happy, excited!
From all these moments you would have remembered happy moments and missed them like anything. You would also have remembered sad moments and must have said to yourself that it could have been better if that incident(remember that was your reaction) wouldn't have happened.

So we do watch our actions but that's much much later when you are helpless weak. What if you narrow this gap of acting and watching? 

You act and same time you watch too! 
And most powerful part of this is, you have not completed your action and so you can still manage the things which could end up in guilt or anger or sad moment of your life! Now that makes you really a very powerful person! You have your actions in your hand! You are  truly independent from other's action...

So it's actually watch and act, and not act and watch! 

Watch yourself! It's interesting game! ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2015


We live in a world where everything is bound by boundaries. Take anything for instance and it has to have boundary. Think about anything in your day to day routine i.e. your home furniture or vehicle, or ornaments or your body or roads or cities or countries and even planets or stars. Everything has its own boundary and that is how we perceive and define the whole world. Our mind or intellect understands things only and only by boundaries but then we ignore the bigger fact that all these things are inside something which we call as Universe which is actually boundary-less i.e. infinite!

As per our understanding anything which is infinite can't exist in real world! This should lead us to simple question which is; is this universe not real? And If this universe is not real then how can things inside it be real?