Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Era of Provocation

Since 26th May 2014, something has changed in India which has triggered "The Era of Provocation". 

Every other intellectual, liberal, secular wants to be revolutionary and poke in eye of Hindus - silent majority of India. The only motive behind this (as I see) is to instigate some of aggressive, sensitive and stupid Hindus, use them and their reactions to brand whole majority as violent and communal. And to their surprise they have failed miserably in their plans. 2 years and you see most of Indian media is talking about how intolerant as society we are and how backward thinking we are! They talk about "Freedom Of Expression" and "alternate reading" but they can't even hear Indian spiritual leader's criticism on selection process of one of the most prestigious award on earth. They twists actual story and present against public to gain sympathy for small girl and anger for spiritual leader. And few celebrities who doesn't have iota of information on what this one small man from middle class tamil family has achieved in his 40 years of career. They can't even think or dream about his achievements. And mind here, these are not the achievements for his profit but for the people around us. 

But I am "funny bones", I am celebrity, I have over 1 million followers, I don't give damn about being disrespectful to one of the most hardworking selfless person on this earth!!! 

Where has our sensitivity gone? Why can't We be more responsible when uttering rubbish without iota of information! Or it has just come down to the level where only TRP matters? 
You are the chosen ones from population of 1.25 billion. You have millions looking at you as idol. You are all in for small girl who is brave and stands up for her principles but you don't even care to learn what one of your very own countryman has done for your country and world? 

This is utter disgraceful. I feel hurt and shocked that someone can be so irresponsible. We as a society will fail when we would blindly follow so called intelligent and would not respect and acknowledge great saint of our lifetime.