Saturday, June 13, 2015

Watch yourself!

Have you ever watched yourself? 
Not in those recorded videos of course... but really have you watched your thoughts? 
Or have you even watched your actions or reactions?
Sometimes yes, may be! 
But when? 
When you complete that action(most of the time its reaction)!

How many times you must have fought with your siblings or parents or friends or any random person!

How many times you must have felt angry, sad, guilty, happy, excited!
From all these moments you would have remembered happy moments and missed them like anything. You would also have remembered sad moments and must have said to yourself that it could have been better if that incident(remember that was your reaction) wouldn't have happened.

So we do watch our actions but that's much much later when you are helpless weak. What if you narrow this gap of acting and watching? 

You act and same time you watch too! 
And most powerful part of this is, you have not completed your action and so you can still manage the things which could end up in guilt or anger or sad moment of your life! Now that makes you really a very powerful person! You have your actions in your hand! You are  truly independent from other's action...

So it's actually watch and act, and not act and watch! 

Watch yourself! It's interesting game! ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2015


We live in a world where everything is bound by boundaries. Take anything for instance and it has to have boundary. Think about anything in your day to day routine i.e. your home furniture or vehicle, or ornaments or your body or roads or cities or countries and even planets or stars. Everything has its own boundary and that is how we perceive and define the whole world. Our mind or intellect understands things only and only by boundaries but then we ignore the bigger fact that all these things are inside something which we call as Universe which is actually boundary-less i.e. infinite!

As per our understanding anything which is infinite can't exist in real world! This should lead us to simple question which is; is this universe not real? And If this universe is not real then how can things inside it be real?