Monday, March 15, 2010


Payment of a dowry, gift—often financial, has a long history in many parts of the world. In India, the payment of a dowry was prohibited in 1961 under Indian civil law and subsequently by Sections 304B and 498a of the Indian Penal Code were enacted to make it easier for the wife to seek redress from potential harassment by the husband's family."
          You might be thinking after reading the title, who is taking dowry now a days? But friends, right now I am residing in Hyderabad, and what I got to know from my local friends, that dowry is still being taken by boy's families. And all most 99% of young boys support even the same, saying that "It is just one of our wedding events, and nothing wrong about that!" When I asked, how much dowry you guys actually take? And answer was beyond my and your imagination!

Before this I got to know about same thing from one my marathi, and  friend from UP also. I was so shocked that, dowry is still going on in India and that too badly which sometimes lead to self killing!

Just before few weeks, I read one article in newspaper about suicides happened in 2008-09. One of the main reasons for this was "Dowry". So what can you or me do for it? Just make aware people around you about, how serious legal sin dowry is!

I really believe, at least young guys, who are well educated, should stand among their families and take an initiative not to take dowry and ask their parents also not to commit SIN!