Monday, November 16, 2009

It is time to ACT now!

Problems all around the world!

Bomb blast, heavy rain and flood, terrorism, heavy snow fall, drought, sucide, killing animals, cutting trees, war and lot more! Yeah, that's what I watch, hear or read everyday and every time, I switch on TV, or in news paper! Some bad news on all the news channels and that too all the time!!!

But now we are very much habituated to all these, am I right? So, we never even think about any damn solution to all these problems! And why should we? Most of the time, the particular problem is not affecting us directly! So let it be! Even if someone discuss about this, we say, "Govt is not doing its work or intelligence agencies are not doing their work properly!" or we say, "Relax man, just take a chill-pill dude!"

But I am telling you guys, this is not the time to take any chill-pill dude! It is time to act now!

If some problem comes to us or our dear ones, what do we do? We think of some solution to that problem. Isn't it? Don't you think we should take little responsibility and think just a bit more about the bad things are happening around the world?

Today, whole world is suffering from all kind of different problems whether they are human made or natural (that is too somehow because of humans only like you and me)! From past few days or months, I really feel hurt when I read or watch or hear about all these problems! That very moment, I start thinking what can be done to this issue? Can I do something which can help to solve this issue? Every time I think in different directions and I check its feasibility in this world. But you know, every time I come to one conclusion to all the problems, and that is, "Enrich Human Values"!

People have really forgotten human values. If one will understand human values, he/she will take care of this environment or he/she will never think to kill someone or him/her self!

Just taking care of environment itself, take care of many problems. One way you will help to stop global warming. I am just thinking, if at least 20% of population of world will become aware about environmental issues, a lot can be done.
Every one should really start thinking about the problems around us with a bit sense of responsibility and sensitivity, and then we can definitely find solutions to these problems!

I really believe, this is the only solution to all human problems!
Enrich Human Values!