Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sad and Angry!

13th July, 2011. Yet another serial bomb blasts, killing 18 and injuring more than 100 innocent Indians

Yet again it happened in our beautiful, peace loving country. Just not finding a single word for the people and their families who suffered. Feeling sad and at some moments helpless... but surely very much angry on PM Mr. Manmohan Singh and I am not able to understand that why is he still in this post????? He can't control corruption. He can't control terrorism. He can't control inflation. He can't even control his selected ministers and blame other allies. He is so helpless, he is so weak, he is so spineless, he is not at all "A Leader", he is just a simple human being like other Indians, and who is not a leader, have no rights to be in position of PRIME MINISTER! It is shame on him and Sonia and Congress! He himself should leave the post now... why people suffer because of your weakness mr PM?!?!

And moreover if this is less, today Mr. Rahul declares, "We prevented 99% attacks!" 
Is this time to say this?!?! Does he understand sensitivity of the issue?!?! Such an irresponsible statement. He just cares about not loosing some votes by taking credit of so called 99% prevented attacks. 

I am so sad and angry!

My prayers for peace and love all around.
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