Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What an irony of the country, whose father of the nation is M.K.Gandhi, who is remembered for Truth and Non-violence! India, the country won freedom with truth. Today, in this same country, someone fights against untruth, and everyone who is in power are against them, the electronic media are against them. This electronic media that tries to show few good work being done by them and make their impression, as they are saints and shows only truth and helps this great country, actually have no interest for the common people. They care and only care about their TRPs and how to fool common people and divert common people's mind as politicians wants to. 

Today I was watching one of the news channel, there was debate going on about why Anna and Baba Ramdev are differing on some points, what is wrong between these two? I mean WOW, you guys are discussing on why these two are not on same stage? What can be the reason behind that? Can there be any political agenda behind this? Is team anna not on same page? I mean, WHY? Why the hell you need to discuss always something negative about fight against corruption? Why can't you join this great fight or create your own movement against corruption? Why can't you use your power and flood your channel with news to make people aware about corruption? Why you always have to sensationalize things, which are crystal clear to people's mind? Why you have to divert people's attention from fight against corruption? Why can't you see that people are fighting against the people who are abusing my money? Why can't you run news about politicians running their businesses with my money? Why can't you show that politicians are harassing the person fighting for truth? WHY?????

You can go to XYZ country and find XYZ criminal whom even CBI can't find, but you can't show the criminals who are running their businesses on my money, common people's earned money. You can show one common person slapping a politician but you don't show why that guy was so angry and why people of India are angry? 

After watching all exclusive breaking news, I am left with only one thing. That’s WHY?

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