Tuesday, October 13, 2009

College days!

I know, after reading the title "College Days!", most of us are feeling sense of happiness and joy and satisfaction at deep in our heart for that beautiful life... Probably now there is big smile on your face... Just a thought of college is enough to turn us on!

Yeah, those days were amazing and beautiful and probably BEST days of everyone's life. There were a unlimited fun and joy and love and fights and "masti" and "hungama" with titbit of study with everyone dreaming of graduation 'successfully' one fine day.

We all think like, we are in college now and we are enough mature to understand the reality of world, life and all relations, but till I believe, there is bit of maturity and still more innocency in us. Most of us never know, when are we going to get so attached with our 'best' friend that you can't bear to get apart and we fall in one beautiful feeling called 'Love'.

In context of love, everyone of us might be coming under one of this category; "We are here to make girlfriend/boyfriends" or "We are here just to make best and good friends" or "No opposite sex friend", and I believe most of people fall in first two categories, fall in love and decide to get marry to their love one during or after college days. Here I remember the slogan of super hit hindi movie "Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na". It says "So when do you know it's love?". So it happens with us too! Then struggle to make you parents and society understand and so on...

Whenever I feel a bit down, I switch on my laptop and watch College days photos and videos and cheris those moments. There is nothing else to make me happy!

If we get a chance to go back to past, then I am sure, we all will love to live that wonderful life again and again.

Ohhh... it's meeting time! Bbye for now! ;-)
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