Saturday, March 16, 2013


Can you progress or improve yourself in real sense if you don't become rebellious to your own self, your own mind and it’s thoughts?
I would say, NO! 

I understood this phenomenon in recent times, when I was reading autobiography of “Osho”. Osho was a great rebellious to everything, which was stubborn and wrong according to him. Right from his childhood throughout his entire life, he rebelled every wrong thing came his way, without looking who is in the opposite party. Whether be it, his grandfather or father or mother or school teacher or anyone. He was scholar in philosophy and might have read almost all the books available from all great philosophers of the world. Interesting thing is, he had counter view to all. He had that rebellious attitude. When I say attitude, it is indeed in a positive manner.

I have been observer of myself. I do certain things at some instance as per say of my mind and then I observe the same. Sometimes I counter my view, but rarely I accept counterpart. You know, what our stubborn mind says to counter view, “Nah… I was absolutely right, and so get lost!” It fuels itself by praising own self. J  

It is very difficult to counter your own mind’s thoughts and deeds by your own mind. When I think about myself, I have grown up in some particular way, among some particular family, friends, relatives and society, and which has a great influence and impact on my established thought process. It is not only about me, it is about you and everyone. We tend to have fixed set of ideas and thought process based on where and with whom we grown up. Now my point is, have we ever countered our own view on particular things? Moreover, have we ever broken our set of ideas based on that and made countered view as our first view? It is not so easy, and for that you have to become REBEL to your own self and be a victorious on your own stubborn mind. Then and only then you can improve yourself in real sense.

Let us take an example, if you see poor kid on the road, begging for a one time of meal. What will be your first reaction? That reaction is based on your established thought process. Now be a rebel to your own self and thought, and think in other way. It is not necessary that counter view will be always right; it might be absurd and entirely wrong. We have to be our own judge and decide what is right and wrong. And that’s where your established thought process and attitude and ego will be broken. Just accept right things and move on. On keep doing this exercise, we get to know, lot of wrong things about our own self and that is the only intention of becoming rebellious.

I realized that mind is a great player and most of the time it is out of our control. It keeps on playing games with you. You dance on its music. Even science also says same that, mind creates and perceives and projects the same. Until you become rebel to this cycle, you never improvise yourself.

So be a REBEL.

P.S. – What helps becoming rebel to your own mind? I personally feel, “Meditation”. It keeps things straight and clear, and so you can find your own self, what is right and what is wrong? 
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